Terms and Conditions of Readings


My readings will be carried out in strict confidence and any information provided to me by my Clients will not be passed on to any third party.    For legal reasons all readings will be classed as entertainment only.

Tarot or Photograph Readings

Payment is required prior to reading.

Please understand that I am unable to comment on any specific medical conditions, as I am not trained as a medical practitioner.  Nor will I tell clients what to do regarding financial, legal or any aspect of their life requiring appropriate professional services.


Please understand that clients have free will and the reading can only offer guidance, what clients choose to do will be their actions alone.

Photograph Reading

Photographs can either be emailed to me or posted. If they are posted and my client requires the photograph back I ask that a stamped addressed envelope be included with the photo. If the photograph is of my client, I ask them to make this clear to me so that I can give guidance from Spirit. If the photo is of someone else I ask the Client to get written evidence that the photograph can be used for the purpose of a reading.   If the photograph is of a passed loved, I need no information as it is for me to establish a link and the relationship to my client.  On occasion I may not be able to link directly to the person in the photo but in my experience other loved ones step in to provide the evidential messages.   I will present the information in an email or letter in the way Spirit present it to me.

Oracle/Tarot Card Readings

Clients can chose from a 5 card reading which is ideal is they have a specific question they need answers to and I will need to know what that question is or a 9 card spread for a past, present and future reading for a more general outlook.   Please note I will not give readings on pregnancy, or matters to do with anything legal or medical.

I use Tarot or Oracle cards to give my clients guidance. Clients are asked to give their preference what deck they would like me to use and how they would like the cards shuffled, cut and selected.  I will present my Clients with a photograph of their cards and a detailed reading by email within 3 days of order. 



Cherrilyn Jones – October 2019