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Cherrilyn Jones –

Psychic and Spiritual Medium




Cherrilyn is a gifted psychic medium who gives Photograph andTarot/Oracle card 


Cherrilyn has credited awards in both mediumship and tarot.

Readings are presented either written, by email or telephone.  Written readings are preferred as Cherrilyn can spend longer getting the information from Spirit that they need her Clients to know.

With over 15 years experience, Cherrilyn has developed her gift from sitting in closed development circles and study.  For photograph reading, Cherrilyn will connect to her Spirit Guides to bring through client's loved ones so they can provide evidence based messages to her Clients.

At times we all need guidance with problems in our lives whether that's with personal relationships, troubles with family, guidance with work or money worries.  Consulting the Tarot is something that people have done for centuries and Cherrilyn will be able to guide you with her Tarot card reading.  Cherrilyn also has coaching experience and can help Clients with this too if required.